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Thanks for the info! I had just assumed that you had them both done at the same time. I'm a very long day's drive from St. Louis, so I'd likely be staying in town for a few days, but the travel after that would be pretty uncomfortable.

Did you talk to anyone who had had the surgery before you had it? I'm curious to know exactly how much function people have gained.
yes, I spoke to a couple of people and they also had some videos available.

The main thing that it's supposed to give you grasp and pinch between your thumb and pointer finger. No guarantees, but this should enable you to pick up paper, open the mail, hold a pen or pencil to help you write, brush your teeth. use a fork and knife, pick up light objects, simple meal preparation, hold a remote control without dropping it every two minutes, provide the dexterity to sell cath, stick and debit card into the ATM machine and pull it back out, better enable you to place E-stim pads independently.

From the video that seen in the people I talked to it makes many small but very significant improvements in their life. It goes a long way to restoring their independence. it is limited but from everything I could gather it's well worth it for myself. But everyone would have to evaluate for themselves. Personally, just getting some of that hand function back will be a significant improvement in my life. Today (only two months post surgery) I have very limited hand function. Anything I do with my hands requires me to use two hands and fumble through whatever I'm doing.

this provides you with some good information. Dr. Fox is the doctor that performed my surgeries.


the hospital is Barnes in St. Louis. It is pretty close to downtown. They have a hotel that is connected to the hospital.


The recovery after surgery is really not all that bad. they put a pain ball in your arm which numbs everything pretty well. That last for three or four days and then it's not real painful unless you are putting pressure on it.