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Thread: Catheter Clogging Resolved with Probiotics

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    Catheter Clogging Resolved with Probiotics

    For many years (more than 20) I had almost zero catheter clogging issues. Then, within the last year or so, I began getting more UTIs and then more catheter clogging. It got really bad for a while ? where I previously would change my superpubic Foley maybe once every 3 to 6 months, I was having to change it a couple of times every week. Couldn't figure out why (and also couldn't figure out why stools were not formed ... though it seems more apparent now).

    For more than 25 years I had shunned antibiotics as much as possible, using them only when UTIs got really bad. This works very well, by the way. My immune system was fantastic. But then due to a series of events I began getting UTIs more often and more severely. So I was on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics. Well, apparently the yogurt was not enough to replace the good normal flora in my intestines, and it was causing more problems than I ever thought would result. Surprisingly, but happily, daily probiotics have resolved both the clogging and the more frequent UTI issues!

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    I agree with you. I started taking them daily about 12 years back and haven't been treated for a UTI since.

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    The probiotics "cure" above didn't last long. This is my latest post: It took a while, but I finally figured out the cause of gunky, particulate super-clogs that never occurred before. Background: 32-years post C4-5 injury. Used to go up to six (6) months without changing suprapubic catheter, without ever flushing/irrigating. Then started getting clogs like crazy! And they would occur often. At least once a week, sometimes several a week. It was crazy! Tried changing diet, exercise, positioning, etc. but nothing worked. Added probiotics and thought that worked, but only for a few weeks (I need to change that post here). Anyway, I FINALLY learned that the pharmacy changed my Oxybutynin (5mg) to a different generic provider. It went from the little blue pill to a slightly bigger white pill, but I don't see the pills because my nurses count them out into a film case for taking with all my vitamins and the probiotic every morning. Well, I made the pharmacy switch back to the manufacturer of the little blue pills and the clogs stopped after about a week or two. It was great!

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