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Thread: Need advice on plan for sale of vehicle with lift

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    Need advice on plan for sale of vehicle with lift

    I see at the top that I cannot offer things for sale here, so I am not trying to subvert that rule. My question goes to whether anyone knows of a resource where I could possibly sell my father's vehicle which has a wheelchair lift installed. It previously was used for loading his jazzy, but he has moved on to another chair and doesn't drive anymore. I hate to rip out a perfectly good lift and sell the car if the consensus is that it would be a better fit for someone looking for a similar combination. I would appreciate any advice on this, especially if it involved a website where I could list these items for sale. Thanks in advance.

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    You can post it on our Exchange/Equipment and Services forum (but not on this one).

    Also, you might put it on eBay Motors, and you can also pay for an ad through

    You can also try Craig's List, and contact local rehabilitation centers to see if they have a "for sale" bulletin board where you could post your own flyer.


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