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Thread: Battery problems

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    By Mother board I mean the main computer of the chair which is what the tech called it.

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    Y'all would do well to realize that MOST techs know almost nothing about batteries or the computerized control units of a power wheelchair. Many are people who simply applied for a job coming in off the street for a sales job selling, or saying they knew something about wheelchairs or electrics.

    I firmly believe many 12 year old kids know far more than most of the techs who try to fix our powered wheelchairs. "Motherboard" ---- that term is total BS when talking about these things. If he knew better he would have used far different terminology. Even the use of the term computer or brain is BS actually. Every chair has its checkpoints in the wiring harness, where 24 volts DC must be present for the chair to function. Each vary a bit and "I" will be the first to tell you "I" do not know where your chairs check points are. It is a possibility that the wires sourced from the battery charger to the +/- sides of the batteries "MAY" have lost continuity (open circuit) Due to a connection problem in the harness.

    Goes your charger "seem" to act correctly? Go you have an amp/voltage meter in your charger? Not idiot lights. If you or someone you trust understands what a series hookup is. Then you can create a 24volt battery connection direct to your batteries. Automobile chargers put out too many volts for a gel cell battery and will kill them. but a deep cell fisherman's charger set up for gel cells will work fine used properly. Read up on such things at

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    I'll be first to say I know nothing....
    I read over the posts and may of missed this. But, have you had a load test on the batteries?
    This should be a free test by your DME or any battery source that is willing to check.
    We've gotten new batteries that died in less than 6 to 9 months. Often they said either a bad cell or one DME said we did not "break-in" batteries correctly.
    BTW: Many batteries only have a 6 month warranty.
    But, like early on in posting sounds like you have a drain or possibly a "short" in your wiring or a loose connection at some point in charging system. Again, DME ought to be able to locate with meter.
    "Good Luck!"

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