Pardon me if my question is vague, but this is mainly due to my lack of experience with manual wheelchairs and not knowing what options are available (nowadays) for such chairs.

Anyway, my injury level is C5/6 complete and I've used a power chair as my primary chair all my life. I have an old Quickie brand manual chair that was given to me around 1989 (yeah I know 27 years is ancient), and I mostly used it when the need arose to travel by car. Occasionally, I also used push myself for very short distances too, but when the Quickie got damaged it become extremely hard to push so I stopped using it altogether for that purpose. Plus it was somewhat heavy too, so that discouraged me as well.

Now it's 2016 and I want to try another one. I need a manual chair that's super lightweight and easy to push, and it has to be foldable so that I can easily put it in a car. I used to use push mitts but the sticky Dycem material used to wear-out fast, and even though the rims were rubberized I still could not propel the chair adequately without the push mitts so this time I'm considering Quad Rims for a new chair.

So with that being said, what make/model chair should I look into first? Is there anything else I need to consider? Also, if you're a high quad who frequently use a manual chair then what kind do you have?

Thank you for your time.

P.S. I will be paying out-of-pocket for this new chair.