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Thread: Moved: assisted suicide discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dlevy View Post
    Be very careful what you say to health professionals. The state can incarcerate you if there is reason to believe you will hurt yourself. Do not think they are there to help.
    I believe that's absolute bullshit maybe if your paraplegic maybe but even then I don't think so. If you're severely paralyzed from the neck down, you're completely dependent everything you do in life revolves around personal assistance either by friends and family, government organizations and what you can pay for. You have to pay all normal expenses, but on top of that among MANY many other things you have to pay every time you shit and piss. You have no real freedom, no real control, if you were left alone be no different than a fish out of water in fact the fish has a better chance, privacy dignity are no longer factors of life; only things that you're supposed to look past. One of the most entertaining, beautiful, motivational things in life: sex is completely destroyed leaving only A bleak, mundane, sad, depressing mentality of "it's not all about vairety and pleasure" as the only "treatment",or you know celibacy! Enjoy that for well... the rest of your life, and hope that your girlfriend permanently accepts that every time she feels like getting fucked against the walland ambitiously wanting to receiving your full gratitude at the end of it. Instead she gets a repeated slow paced at best variation of cowgirl, until the blue pill wears off or she finishes with the help of your mouth for the hundredth time, and you finish with something along the lines of aBig climactic "how was it?". Your health spirals more and more out of control, no matter what you do; no matter how hard you try disease will find you, your bones and muscles will wither away; plenty of secondary benefits like nerve pain, spasms, circulation issues, weak skin , Reoccurring infections etc. there is absolutely nothing you can do about your dwindling tiny, yet unproportional body image... Reality has and could give me many more wonderful examples to continue on about, but I'm sure we get the idea...

    AND with all of that on the table, all of that in mind they're going to say "you're completely out of it, you're insane, completely irrational, your not thinking straight" because you want to die rather then live like that, so they lock you up. Say " take this pill for happiness, this pill for spasms, this pill for anxiety, this pill for your bladder, this pill for your bones, This pill for your blood pressure, this pill for sensationless erections, this pill for nerve pain, this pill for normal pain if you need any other pills just point out something that's wrong, and I'd like you to continue letting people shove their finger up your ass and after a long time I think you'll feel better about people shoving their finger up your ass". "Oh yeah I almost forgot; I don't really know you or anything and I understand that basically your entire body is paralyzed but You don't really need that, I say this to every paralyzed patient I get so it must be right! there's definitely 100% something out there that you'll genuinely enjoy doing a new passion just for you that you can do on a regular basis whenever you want, give you new meaning"...

    Jokes aside it's not ill rational, I didn't have someone close to me pass away, then in relatively close proximity lose my job then all of a sudden in a fit of desperation cut my wrists and call the ambulance. Although those things are troublesome and sometimes deeply painful, that would definitely be un rationa, that person needs to talk to someone needs to be watched and give him time to cool down until he realizes that life goes on and he's all right. Quadriplegia is another thing entirely it is permanent, it affects everything in your life 24 no smoke breaks!! I couldn't see anyone putting someone in a Ward because they would rather die than be paralyzed from the neck down, it's completely rational. If they did do that to someone, and they genuinely were disgusted and despised living like this they would be able to explain it in a constructive way that would leave the diagnosing doctors or psychologist feeling stupid for what they did!

    Why assistance? Let's not forget that many people are not fortunate enough to be able to load a gun and shoot it, among many other options. These are the kind of situations where they have to resort to starvation which many real life examples has shown takes months! That is deeply disturbing to leave a human to resort to that!

    The whole terminal argument, well a lot of the terminal diagnosis can be prolonged through medical intervention something like caregiving. Take a quadriplegic,let him deny 100% of medical intervention/caregiving they probably die faster than most cancers, sure as hell a lot more painful and uglier! I consider that terminal and you could easily make a solid argument.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Sullivan View Post
    Le Todd, it seems as though you are simply looking ahead, not the present. Unfortunately some very well meaning people have very overactive imaginations, and transpose your thoughts to today. Perhaps one day tour wish will become a reality, I don't know. You do know that if you use any illegal means to end your own life, your life insurance if you have any, can renege on paying off such a policy. I do not know if that is important to any one here. But I have paid into a policy for 60 years, same company same policy. My grandchildren would lose a small fortune if "I" were to do such a thing.
    I don?t have life insurance. I?m single and gay. I don?t have kids relying on my taking care of them. I suppose the only reason I?d need it is for funeral expenses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ketamine kitty View Post
    I believe most suicide clauses expire in two years. But Todd think of the dog! :-) -ket
    Of course! I can?t leave my dog. I?m thinking of the future. I?m likely to outlive my baby boy, so when he isn?t around any longer, then I?d be open into looking into my options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    It makes perfect sense to me the whole bowel care nonsenseand suicide could not be closer related! I think for a lot of people they do and frankly should go hand-in-hand! That's just me, and I have to get it done to me on a daily basis by other people,One time my best friend! so there's that
    It?s the perfect segue to me. When people can?t shit, it affects their mood. It?s called the brain-gut connection.

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    Suicide does not affect payment of my (and probably all) life insurance since I have had the policies over two years. It is stated in the policy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dlevy View Post
    Suicide does not affect payment of my (and probably all) life insurance since I have had the policies over two years. It is stated in the policy.
    Put me as a beneficiary. 😬

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Todd View Post
    It?s the perfect segue to me. When people can?t shit, it affects their mood. It?s called the brain-gut connection.
    Ya that's why haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    Ya that's why haha

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    Since you are single, no kids, and gay, evidently with no partner, cancel all past what I thought was informative information.

    However, everyone else should read all the exceptions on your life insurance policies, not simply the one pertaining to suicide.

    Anyway if there is absolutely no one else who could be considered, if you just up and die without Life Insurance the City, State, county, someone, will eventually pay to plant you. It costs a lot of money to keep your carcass in the cooler/freezer. You get the idea. However, anyone who can be considered a relative may be tagged for the bill. We are prepaying for our cremation, that relieves anyone from being responsible for burying us. And then finding a place to put us. But I would like to think we left something for the grand kids to use for their education, or what ever.

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    Is it still suicide if you have help?
    "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it." - Edgar Allen Poe

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