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Thread: "It's YOUR Own Way of Thinking That's Holding YOU Back!"

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    Angry "It's YOUR Own Way of Thinking That's Holding YOU Back!"

    You ever experience those type of encounters with people from various walks of life who include Faith Healers, "Light Workers," Alternative Medical Practitioners, Motivational Speakers who tells that it's your own 'thinking' that's really holding you back from any healing and that's why you'll probably never walk again?

    Well, I have and for the first time in my life I've allowed myself to feel a mixture of anger, guilty and depression about my situation. It gets even worse when they relay stories of "miracles" that they themselves have witnessed (and even helped facilitate) that shows what you too can accomplish with 'the right kind of thinking'. What do you say to folks like that?

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    I say well it's your own individuality that leads you to that kind of thinking *cough* delusion *cough*.

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