I am C-4/5 quad. After getting in bed, I don't have much mobility in my arms, but I use a large button connected to a Jabra hands-free speakerphone (modified by Craig Hospital) to use my iPhone when I'm in bed. I can answer calls, redial, and use Siri.

Long story short, I'm tired of using the Jabra because the sound has to always go through its speaker instead of the iPhone speakerphone. The iPhone speakerphone is much better! After a lot of effort, I still haven't been able to figure out how to make Siri default to the speakerphone instead of the Bluetooth speaker. I can make calls default to the speakerphone through Settings | General | Accessibility | Call Audio Routing | Speaker.

I have found all kinds of info online about using external switches with an iPhone. You can use the Switch Control to connect directly with a Bluetooth external switch. Great! My only trouble is finding ANY Bluetooth external switches. Moreover, I need an external switch that will be large enough for me to hit with my elbow while in bed. The current button that I use is about 5 inches in diameter.

Any idea about quad friendly external switches?