Hi guys, I have an opportunity to buy a 2000 Mercedes V220 van with EMC Aevit 1.0 WL-Series (Serial Number 30090). It seems to be in working order but with servicing unavailable in Bulgaria I know its just a matter of time until something goes wrong. I have a very important question before I commit to purchase:

If I buy spare parts can I repair it alone - I mean, does it need programming or you just remove the faulty part then connect the spare part and everything works???

I have read some posts here of people buying Aevit spare parts with intention of home repair. Please, share if it worked out. Thanks a lot!

My second question is: can I put a joystick instead of mini rotating wheel? Again, is it just "Plug & Play" type of operation? I have muscular dystrophy and joystick would be more convenient, although it turned out I could manage mini steering wheel as well.

And my third question is how easy/cheap it is the Aevit system to be removed and the vehicle to be used as regular van again?

Your input would be greatly appreciated.