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Thread: Disability and Military

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    Disability and Military

    Swiggity Sweastion, I got a question!

    How can you help the military if you're physically disabled?

    I came from a military family. My father worked for the Army for 25 years before retiring. I know my conditions disqualify me, especially with EDS and the bone spurs on my spine, but i'm only twenty years old (female) and I want to do my part for this country.

    I understand I could probably do civilian jobs that benefit the military, but I don't know how to go about it.

    No matter what the answer is, thank you.

    (I am luckily currently employed by a retail store)

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    All branches of the military hire people who are civilians for a wide variety of support and technical positions, but you will need to gain the education and experience to do that first. You would need to go back to school in a field in which they need to hire people, such as engineering, nursing, computer science, etc., then seek employment through

    You might also consider employment with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs as well as the Dept. of Defense. You could help military Veterans there. As a non-veteran though, you would need to also get education and come to them with a skill already in place. The VA gives hiring preference to Veterans, so rarely do they hire non-veterans to non-skilled positions.

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