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Thread: Two antibiotics at once?

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    I was the same for a while Medic. The do recommended a high dosage of Vit. C and Methenamine. I take around 4,000 of the c. Haven't had a UTI for quite a while. If it starts gtting cloudy,I up the Vit, C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    Is Botox injections likely to cause infection? Why are they so intense about this, don't seem that worried when they do cystoscope
    Any time a surgical procedure is done inside the bladder (such as a cystoscopy, required for Botox injections) it is usually advisable to treat any colonization first. This is because instrumentation and any flushing of fluid into the bladder done during the procedure can cause the colonized urine to reflux up the ureters, causing a kidney infection. Even if the urine culture is sterile, often a single dose of antibiotic IM is given after procedures like urodynamics or cystoscopy for this reason.


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    Wow they don't do that to me, only time they gave me preventative antibiotics was when they had to remove the bladder stones

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