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Thread: Need help and ideas please

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    for food, I can't get out to shop anymore. Iv been getting freeze dried emergency food. its better for you and cheaper than nutrasystem.
    I like honeyvalley brand, and augason brand.
    for milk, I get nestles whole milk powder, or parmalat. The whole milk powder is way better tasting and better to use for cooking than nonfat dried milk.
    I order miso, vegemite, and coconut oil. the coconut oil is a good fat, and can be used in cooking like butter, but I also get butter powder for times when butter is really important.
    you can order from Amazon.
    also its possible you have a grocery store near you that can deliver groceries to you.
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    Mystery: Your situation is really challenging with so many issues to deal with. My husband and I are both paraplegic, with family over an hour away. Now that we are in our senior years we are trying to keep our independence by getting various non-family helpers. Several years ago after scouring the local paper I called around and interviewed and hired 2 women who clean our home every 2 weeks for $90. This includes changing bed sheets, vacuuming, dusting, floor washing, and the occasional "reaching" things we can't handle (light bulbs, storage shelves). They started at a lower rate but gave them a raise as they were so reliable and helpful.
    I would definitely suggest you and your family come up with a sum that can be devoted to biweekly cleaning, then consider a non-agency person who you would interview first and define exactly what would be done and time to arrive. If your parents balk, I suggest you save up a sum then hire someone to come in and clean anyway on a one-time basis, according to your "cleaning fund".
    I guess I'm looking at how nice it feels to have a clean house. Before we hired help, it was me doing all the cleaning from my wheelchair on a weekly basis.
    Getting a handle on the cleaning may surprisingly lower any stress over the other issues.

    Do you have SSDI? Or have you considered applying for it?

    As far as VR is concerned, I'm a retired counselor from VR and totally understand how you could get lost in the shuffle. However, I would encourage you to try again and I stress that it's so important to have frequent contact with the counselor to the point of pestering them. They often have upwards of 90 clients to work with at a time. You can still be receiving SSDI as a VR client. If you then become employed, the Trial Work Period would allow
    SS benefits to continue for many months longer. If benefits then stop and you later lose your job, you can re-apply for SSDI benefits.
    I'm sorry if this repeats information you already know, however I'm hoping you continue to post your progress. You are definitely not alone here!

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    Have you try www.aliexpress. com?, lately I have been chopping there, and you can search a good review about the products, I like it more then Amazon.

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