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Thread: Is Tesla's Autopilot feature dangerous?

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    If the driver was supposed to be watching and ready to intervene, but failed to do so, I would fault the driver.

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    Tom and all,

    Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't these gadget's supposed to be able to replace the driver's requirement for their undivided operating attention? There is really no other practical reason for even conceiving this "thing"

    Now just consider I am 100% wrong and it is simply placed there to over ride the driver's decisions. As a driver acclimates themselves to such interference or the ability to completely relinquish control, they will become more and more dependent on this "gadget" and when it fails, an accident WILL occur. Every man made gadget will fail eventually. That is a given. I am hardly against the modern advances of technology, but we must not lose our independence from​ such technology

    For most of my driving life I held a CDL and it was a requirement of my job. These gadget's are being proposed for over the road use in large vehicles. That is a very, very scary thought.

    It may be more prudent to use electronics to override a driver, than a driver overriding a gadget! The latter seemingly the direction we are headed in currently.

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    Bob what you are saying is the ultimate goal but these are early stages. Look at traffic lights. They are perfect I think. I am sure when it was implemented there might have been some glitches.

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    Just consider a guy, any guy sitting behind the wheel having nothing to do with driving a double trailer on the highway at posted speeds, listening to music daydreaming. Safety is a perception, and we all assume the guy who is supposed to be in control, "IS" actually paying attention. How do you expect to keep this dude awake? We have a 12 foot lane to travel in, on a 4 lane, 12x12 + 12x12 plus some shoulders (maybe) do you think we are at all ready for this technology? Some regulations have to be put in place to prepare for stuff like this and every segment of our law must be examined before the experimentation can go much further. Thousands of lives will be placed in jeopardy every day if in fact this technology is expedited.

    I do believe this stuff is being expedited for huge financial reasons, and regulatory unpreparedness to handle it.
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    At the moment yes. Pilots now only do landing and take off in general and the rest is on autopilot but I am sure they are alert for nay trouble that may arise. The drivers should be the same way.

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    When the AI becomes so good it is able to way up that y suck at life and has to decide between you and a brick wall, or a baby in the backseat in the car in front of you, or a deer. Interesting times?
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    Tesla should not be so cheap, add laser rangefinder other models have, than those incidents won't happen as much.

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