Had a good weekend with my Daughter and grandson. I have sleep issues and get so burnt out in a day as I don't get enough sleep.
I end up going to bed way earlier than everyone else 8:00pm and then I only sleep until about 2:00 am. I find this annoying to be out of touch with everyone else as they have normal lives. Does anyone else have these types of problems. I know the answer is to stay up later and sleep in later exspecially in summer. The only thing is that I am so tired of the pain after supper that all I want to do is go to bed and sleep.
Anyway as I said the weekend was good and I was able to keep up to the family and sort of participate.
That is another thing that I find this pain keeps me from being part of the family as I am off in my own little world just making it a lot of the time.
Lately I feel that the pain is going to give me ulcers because I fight with it so much.
This post may be in the wrong forum.
Hope everybody had a good weekend.