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Thread: New to Central Cord Syndrome c3 and c4 contusion 58yr old male

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    New to Central Cord Syndrome c3 and c4 contusion 58yr old male

    Hi, just about 25 days ago my dad fell down the stairs at his home and suffered a C-3 C-4 spinal cord contusion. They diagnosed him with central cord syndrome and he is going to be leaving the ICU next week to attend rehab. After 48 hours he began to wiggle his toes, and now he can move his legs some and move his fingers on the left a little and on the right more. He has done some PT in th ICU and got in a Neuro chair and was able to do eight assisted squats at a 30 degree angle. I was hoping I could get some information about the recovery of similar injuries. From my reading it seems like spinal cord injuries vary so much. Even injuries that are similar to my dads have a very diverse outcomes. I was hoping to hear information about how people's mobility returned and a timeline so I can get ideas about what we might expect next. My dad is still on a ventilator we are hoping to begin weaning that at rehab. Did anybody have a lot of issues with gas and a distended stomach? My dad had a colon decompression and that helped a lot but now his stomach is getting bigger each and every day. Is it a distended stomach and trapped gas something that people with SCI have to deal with over and over again and does it improve some? What was the weaning process like for anybody with a similar injury and a ventilator? Any and all information would be helpful. Thanks so much!
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