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Thread: Food Costs Have Gone Beyond any Reason.

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    Food Costs Have Gone Beyond any Reason.

    No one will probably read this, but I was rudely awakened today.

    I took the friend who takes me to the grocery store once a month for breakfast in a restaurant that is supposed to be reasonably priced. The cost for two was $20; I have heard that is normal.

    My breakfast included an egg, a biscuit with gravy and 2 strips of bacon; his consisted of a ham and cheese omelet, home fries and tea. Oh, I also had a cup of coffee. At retail, the eggs cost 88 cents, the biscuits about 25 cents, the gravy about 30 cents the potatoes about 10 cents the coffee about 10 cents and the tea about 25 cents and the bacon, about 50 cents. My prices are based on what I pay at Sam's Club. That is a total food cost of $2.38

    I used to manage one of the finest restaurants in a 54 hole golf courses in the country many years ago. A prime rib dinner with all the trimmings ran $4.95, but what was interesting, is that food cost represented about 50%, which allowed for an excellent profit. My restaurant was either number 1 or 2 in the area of San Diego, California each month, not the lowest price neighborhood in the world.

    I operated a couple of restaurants in the past. Both were extremely successful and food cost never ran over or less than 50%, so I know that percentage of cost is a reasonable factor for the food business.

    11% food cost is outrageous, even if the general public has been duped into thinking it normal, because all the food vendors seem to be Piggies at the Trough.

    I am convinced that Pride Mobility has purchased most or all of the restaurants in this country; it only makes sense, the hogs are at the trough.

    Strangely enough there was a waiting line for seats at the restaurant, so a bunch of unthinking people were out today, including me.

    At least I have a little excuse, I only get out one day a month, but I have finally decided enough is enough. It is time to strike back. Let the Hogs know of our dissatisfaction about their outrageous profits and stop buying their products.

    Of course we can't do that forever, but most of us can hold off a week or month from buying what we need, not what we want, what we need, so a little sacrifice is attached to our commitment. It is time to punish the hogs a bit.

    If my request seems popular, show by reading this post and tell your friends. If the number gets large enough, fast enough, it will prove that the idea has legs.

    If the idea becomes popular nationally, it will soon become popular internationally, and that has the legs and power to make things change.

    At some time in the future, a list of the most ridiculously overpriced physical objects will be provided. Then I will ask everyone, all over the world, to not purchase a single item on the list until those items are reduced to a reasonable purchase price. My bet is it will take only about a week.

    Those companies who can't stand the weight will retire from operation, because 30 days without income will break them if they do not change, if just in their stock price reduction.

    A $3500 computer has reduced in cost to about $600 in the past 20 years or so. At the same time it has increased in capability thousands of percent. Apparently some very rich people can be very rich without becoming Hogs at the trough. The entire world has been lifted by their reasonableness.

    I am a retired fine-artist who has never become financially successful. The result is a budget of about $1.75 per meal. It is not fair, and I will not take it any more without a fight.

    Join me. It will put a smile on your face each time you don't purchase something for my reason. It involves a little sacrifice on your part, but it is a sacrifice I make every day, because there is no longer enough to meet my basic needs without sacrifice of something most would consider necessary each month.

    I have been in this forum for less than a month. As you can see, I have no pride any more, a nature I highly approve. You are the sweetest, kindest, bunch of selfless citizens in this country. As such, your conversation with others has weight. Everyone likes good and decent people, and they are trusted.

    If you share the fun with others, like an inverse pyramid, our voice will grow exponentially. The possibilities are wonderful. From the mind of perhaps the least important person on the planet, change will take place.

    I had no idea that when I saved and purchased my first Power Chair I would come into contact with so many beautiful people who sincerely wanted to help me from the prison I am living in.

    When I was a young man, I had a young man who worked for me, who's father programmed the computer used on the Voyager. He also invented the paper-clip, I believe, or something so revolutionary, and became a surgeon late in life. It is amazing what an idea can do when encouraged.

    The only thing I want from my idea is the pleasure of watching the legs quiver and give way to the weight of the Hogs at the trough. I understand if few join me, complacency has become a disease in this country, but I also have hope that it will bare fruit.

    In this short time, I have already grown to love you guys. Join me. Shab
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