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Thread: Puracyn Plus to heal pressure sore? (wound picture attached)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    It might be helpful if 100 - 120 grams of protein was described in what one should eat in food/supplements to achieve that goal.
    Here is some information on protein contents of several foods. We recommend (unless you are lactose intolerant) at least 3-4 glasses of skim milk daily, and a high protein supplement such as whey powder which you can add to juice, soup, casseroles, etc. or liquid supplement such as Premier or Boost. Greek yogurt has twice the protein of regular yogurt:

    Here is some information for vegans:

    In addition, if you have had a draining wound for some time, we would recommend checking your zinc levels. If low, 2 weeks of zinc supplementation is recommended. Don't take long term zinc as excessive amounts can bind copper, which is needed for other body functions. Copper is known to play an important role in the development and maintenance of immune system function, but the exact mechanism of its action is not yet known


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    Thanks KLD for expanding on the protein recommendation.

    All the best,

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    KLD - thank you very much for the post about protein.

    Damn it, I just found 3 more pressure sores on my feet...
    the 2 that are not severe I am treating with puracyn plus and the one that is really bad I am treating with collagen/endoform.
    I have been going to the wound care center but it seems that they don't know what they are doing... At first they were treating da wound with medihoney and it got worse.
    It's been over a month and my bigger sore is not healing even though I drink protein shakes eat protein bars - drink vitamin C and take Juven..
    I don't want to wear those freaking prefo Boots or whatever you call them all summer.

    GJ, I remember reading one of your posts about vetericyn or something - do you know if puracyn is still using the microcyn 'technology'?

    Can anyone give me any more helpful tips
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    Not healing usually means osteo. Get checked for it.
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    The wound clinic knows what it is doing... the damage is from the bone out. what you are seeing is mot likely the top of it. That is why prevention is the key! If something doesn't heal right away with all mentioned then most likely down to the bone or close and it is just a matter of time. It looks like you have necrotic tissue on
    the photograph but cant tell for sure. Any white , yellow or darker dead tissue needs to be removed. The damage is most likely deeper than you think. If down to the bone....osteomyelitis most likely and it won't heal until the osteo is treated. Puracyn plus won't hurt and if it helps great, I,f not then you will need to continue .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac85 View Post
    GJ, I remember reading one of your posts about vetericyn or something - do you know if puracyn is still using the microcyn 'technology'?
    Puracyn is no longer manufactured using the license for Microcyn Technology (a registered trademark). Puracyn is manufactured and distributed by Innovacyn. The Microcyn and MicrocynAH lines of products are manufactured and distributed by Sonoma Pharmaceuticals (formerly Oculus Innovative Sciences). These two lines of products use Microcyn Technology, which claims a long and stable shelf life over other similar products.

    Microcyn? Technology

    The Microcyn?Technology family of products consist of liquids and gels which contain highly stable small molecule oxychlorine compounds. One of these compounds, hypochlorous acid, is also produced by the human body’s immune system upon demand to eradicate foreign pathogens in the body.
    The unique chemistry imparted through the patented Microcyn? manufacturing system provides superior product stability. Standard electrochemical processes used in the manufacture of other hypochlorous acid-containing products, cannot come close to matching this stability.
    There are no known drug interactions or contraindications with Microcyn?-based products. Testing has demonstrated the gel and liquid products to be non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-toxic. Microcyn?-based liquid products have been found to have no oral toxicity, cause no ocular irritation and are non-genotoxic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mac85 View Post
    Damn it, I just found 3 more pressure sores on my feet...
    Hate to see you going through this "Mac." Do you have any idea what is causing these pressure sores on your feet? Where, on your feet, are these sores located? What can you do to eliminate what is causing the sores?

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    Hello nurse, the pressure sore that was on my bottom is gone.
    It took 10 months to heal but it's gone.
    I didn't want to spam with another thread about my feet so I just continued with this one (It's old)- I am going to the wound care tomorrow – I will tell them to take a picture of the wound on my foot.
    The pressure sore was caused by new shoes and I didn't check my feet FOR a long time and that was a big mistake.
    My left foot has two small sores – one is on my heel and the other is on the left side of my foot.
    On my right foot it's underneath. I will post a picture tomorrow, just a warning it's pretty gross.
    I learned about vetericyn from you - do you think that microcynAH would heal the wound faster? - I will be bringing a bottle of pureacyn to the wound care so they can spray it on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac85 View Post
    GJ you think that microcynAH would heal the wound faster?
    I can't say if MicrocynAH would heal the wound faster. It is just that Microcyn Technology products have a more stable and longer shelf life and you are getting full benefit of the hypochlorous acid effect.

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    Silver Sulfadiazine will close that wound fast

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    Here is the picture of the actual wound
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