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Thread: Cannabis and Spinal Cord Injuries

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    I've seen CBD dosing for SCI at 200-250 mg/day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize View Post
    I've seen CBD dosing for SCI at 200-250 mg/day.
    That would be over $600 a month for somebody buying out of pocket
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wills77 View Post
    I've been trying the elixinol cbd tinctures (drops you put under your tongue) for the past week. 4-5 times a day equaling 20-25mg of cbd. It hasn't helped with my spasms yet, if anything they seem a little worse. I'm falling asleep fast at night and after I wake up to cath in the middle of the night. It seems to help a little bit with my back pain.

    I'm going to order cbd capsules to see if I get better results from them. After that my last resort will be vaping. Maybe I need more mg of cbd to help with my spasms
    MMJ doc says under the tongue is the best route for the CBD capsules and he takes them himself. If you have been using the tinctures then you probably just need the THC strains.

    Most people are probably still going to need a low-dose narcotic to help with pain. They work together well. There are numerous studies that people have reduced narcotic dosages with cannabis like this one. But do some research yourself.

    I get better relief with the THC laden Indica strains for my spasms. I eat a piece of candy at night that is an indica dominant and save the Sativas for energy during the day. You probably want an indica dominant strain if you choose to vape. I am new to the spasm stuff as I never had them until a couple of years ago (after 27 years) when my cord decided to tether and cause all kinds of problems. Now my legs constantly jump most nights.

    Mary's medicinals have been the best products for not getting the stoned feeling. It's all expensive but I have wasted some money on some edibles. Some brands are more potent than others and made with specific strains like "Love's oven". I like knowing the strain.

    There is also waxes and shatters that are more pure forms of THC (I think...I really only know what I have researched lol). One of my SCI friends gets relief from them but I have not tried them.
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