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Thread: Timeshare issues

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    Timeshare issues


    We purchased a timeshare through Holiday Inn Vacation Club with the understanding that it would be an ADA room. However, we are now having issues. First off, we booked an ADA room in Vermont 10 months out as well as one in Virginia both of which only had 1 ADA room available. We then tried to book an ADA room in Tennessee for the same trip. but 6 months out and were told there weren't any ADA rooms available. At this point were got frustrated and started making calls. During one of these calls we found out that our reservations for Vermont and Virginia only had notes that we needed a ADA rooms, but didn't hold them. So, we would have shown up this fall and been put in a regular room.

    Shouldn't these timeshare follow the same rules as parking lots where they have to have x # of handicapped parking spots based on the overall total of spots in the lot?

    Has anyone else had any timeshare nightmares and if so, how did you handle them? Not sure if we should just try to sell it or should go through an attorney.

    Appreciate any input!

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    A few years ago we went to a timeshare presentation and I found it to be vary high pressure sales. In order to receive our FREE gift for attending the presentation we had to spend 20 minutes watching a video then 45 minutes with a counselor/sales person. The person who was selling us could not answer a few critical questions we asked. They used a point system that was like money you could spend to stay at various property's and she couldn't break down the points into the actual cash cost. We broke it down in our heads and it was very expensive. The other major question we asked is are all the property's wheelchair accessible. We got a vague answer from our sales person that most of them are but there were still lots of places we could go. We told her why would we sign up at full price and not get full access. My wife called a supervisor over who admitted that most locations were not ADA accessible. After that we were allowed to leave the presentation and collect the FREE gift.

    I know this probably doesn't help you but others may learn from our experience, buyer beware!

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    I agree. There is ton of information out there about what a rip-off time shares are. They make money off both your fees and the fees of the thousands of "owners" who never use, bank, or trade their week. My recommendation would be to use this as a learning experience, and try to sell your week (which will most likely be at a huge $ loss). An attorney is not going to be able to do anything to help you out of a contract you signed. Of course you could choose to sue, but unless there is a guarantee of accessible units being available at all locations at all times in the contract, it is unlikely you will gain anything and could be out of a lot of money in attorney fees (unlikely to get someone to take a case like this on contingency).

    You are not guaranteed a specific unit in most time-shares. Only new construction or major remodel would fall under ADA guidelines, and the ratio of units that must be accessible (with an ADA definition of accessible, which does not require lodging to have roll in showers, nor even accessible beds) is very small (as I remember, 5% of the units).


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    We were actually shown an ADA room when we asked about their supply of ADA rooms and what we would get when we decided to use our points and had been given an ADA room to stay in leading up to the, high pressured, 7 hour ordeal. Live and learn and hope others read about our issues and run as far away from any and all timeshares! Thank you darty and SCI-Nurse for your replies.

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    I sold time shares for 2 days. I wouldn't take one if they gave it to me.
    There are now lawyers specializing in suing them. that's were i'd go

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    Thanks for the info! I knew we would have issues because they are sales people and tell you what you want to hear. My husband was the one who got sold. Ugh!

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    we never bought one however we were deeded my grandfathers timeshare and have gone all over the world with it. my parents have used it in italy and we use it here in the states twice a year. we love it. although the matainence fees are almost as much as a mortgage payment. i have never found an issue with an ADA room as when we book we specifically tell them we have a person who uses a wheelchair and needs an ADA room. and if when we arrive are booked in a regular room they will switch us without any issues.
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    Smashms, thanks for your response! What's the brand of timeshare you were deeded?

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    it was in the breakers in florida however we bank our week every year with RCI. have yet to have a problem. when we go out to las vegas we stay with wyndym grand resorts. and next month when we go to orlando we are staying with holiday inn vacation club i believe. i have never stayed with holiday inn as of yet next month will be my first time however i do not expect an issue.
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    Smashms - We can book through RCI too, but I think our HIVC points won't go as far as they would if we stay at a HIVA. Maybe we will try RCI one of these days to see if we have any better luck. Thanks again for the info!

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