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Thread: Stem cell therapy? Locomotor Training?

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    Stem cell therapy? Locomotor Training?

    Has anyone tried an intrathecal injection of stem cells harvested from the iliac crest and separated via centrifuge? Results?

    Has anyone been enrolled in the Neuro Recovery Network where they did (3) months of Locomotor Training? Results?

    Thank you

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    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    I should have been more clear. The stem cell therapy I am doing will be done in Austin, Texas. These cells will be taken from my hip( bone marrow aspirate), separated in a centrifuge then put back in my lumbar spine via intrathecal injection.
    These are autologous cells so I feel safe. I am trying to find out results from anyone who has done this therapy.

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    I have not gone through this myself and don't know what facility in Texas you're talking about, but I know 3 people who have gone to a place in Arizona which did bone marrow and fat stem cells. Two had SCI and one had a brain injury, and they all got nothing except a lighter wallet.

    Just because cells are autologous, or the procedure is done in the US, doesn't mean they are safe. How are the cells purified? They may be separated in a centrifuge, but what other procedures does the facility do to make it sanitary? Lastly, have you seen any evidence, other than maybe some patient testimonies, saying that these cells will be worth the money you'll surely have to spend out of pocket?

    Another question to ask is, does this facility do stem cells for SCI, or do they just re-inject bone marrow cells as a cure-all for every condition? Can the people at the facility tell you, by what physiological mechanism, these cells will heal your spinal cord? If they can't, should they be trusted? And lastly, there is literally no scientific evidence supporting that bone marrow stem cells can "find" an injury to the spinal cord and then "know" how to repair why would just putting the cells back into your body with an intrathecal injection get them to the correct place in your spinal cord?

    The NRN is a different story. It likely could be of benefit, but the benefits you'll get depend on your level and severity of injury.

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    This edition of New Mobility magazine has excellent article concerning trials by Dr Wise Young regarding Stem Cell injections and a commitment to intense Walking PT afterward (6 hrs. daily) The results were promising but even Dr Young questions what is attributed to the treatment and what is a result of the activity.
    When I discuss intrathecal anything besides Baclofen from a pump (which I have for Spasicity from PPMS) with my Nuero at UCSF, the great unknown is how to deal with the 36 hr turnover of the CSF.

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    If any of this stuff worked, some very rich paras and quads would be up and jogging. They aren't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    If any of this stuff worked, some very rich paras and quads would be up and jogging. They aren't.
    Most succinct way to put it.

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