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Thread: Wheelies with babies - what cars do you drive?

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    Wheelies with babies - what cars do you drive?

    Parents in wheelchairs - What cars do you drive? What works well for getting babies in and out of car seats?

    Do you put the kids in and out of the car seat, or leave that to the A/B partner?

    Hypothetically, I am wondering if a visit from the stork means it's time to get a van.

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    I drive a mazda5. Our infant rides in her car seat in the passenger side middle row position. I'm able to lift and clip the infant seat into its base from outside the passenger side sliding door. But I'm not able to remove her from the base and I rely on my AB wife for that.

    Had a friend who was also a C6 and he was able to do it all independently. But he had a side entry rampvan and kid was placed in the back row.

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    Well that's a good problem to have! Congrats!
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    As much as you may think it sucks.... get a van if you can swing it. I'm a father of 2, one daughter was 2 1/2 years-old, and the other was 3 months old when I was injured. I made do with a Honda CRV for a few months, but you know how it sucks when its just you getting in and out on a rainy or snowy day? That misery is ten fold for you and your children when you're stretching into the backseat to one-hand an infant into the child seat and then secure or unlock buckles. If you live in a dry climate, then sure a sedan is doable, but let me tell you- I got a van a little over a year post injury and it made parenting a pleasure again.

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