Hi everyone. For those interested, starting Wednesday I will be starring in a 10 episode TV series called Montreal Housemates. Last January I spent a month living with 2 other people with disabilities (a blind woman and a stroke victim) and a non-disabled person. A crew followed us around filming our daily activities and the challenges that people with disabilities face every day. I had a lot of fun filming this series, made some lasting friendships, and learned a bit about the differences and the similarities that people with different disabilities face.

The show will be premiering Wednesdays at 7:30 PM on AMI, which comes with all basic cable packages in Canada. You can find out what channel it's on by clicking here: http://www.ami.ca/schedules. For those of you outside of Canada, the AMI website will be streaming the episodes the day after the premiere. I don't think it's geo-blocked but if it is you can use a free VPN service like Hola unblocker.

Here is the show's page: http://www.ami.ca/category/montreal-housemates