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Thread: Tailbone Calloused

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    Tailbone Calloused

    I am having an issue with my tailbone. It is dried and caloused. I have put Vaseline/A&D cream and other lotions on it but it never seems to help. Parts of itbreak off and then grow back. It seems to only bother mainly when I get into bed and when I sit up to cath in bed. I get goose bumps on my legs and get a little nautious feeling so I know something is not right there. Went to the wound clinic and they cut it off with a scalpel but it continues to grow back. Sometimes I think lotions seem to make it worse as you apply them rub them in good and they seem build up and add to the callouse. Went to the seating clinic and had my cushion mapped and they said everything looks ok so it doesn't seem to be my posture in the wc or the way I am sitting. Is there anything I can put on this to return the skin to normal?
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    For some people, scar and non-proliferative edge healing can appear like callous. Did you have an open pressure ulcer there previously that healed? If it is completely closed, you could try putting a silicone dressing like TopiGel on it to see if this will prevent this mounding up of dried tissue. You could probably get by with wearing the TopiGel only when in bed, although it is better if used 24/7. You can use the same piece over and over, lifting it up daily to do your hygiene, and if it get stool or other soiling, you can just wash it with soap and water, rinse, pat dry, and reapply to the wound. You only need a piece the size of the wound or scar, and only need to replace it once it looses it's stickiness.


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    There was no previous wound.

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    See if you can get some TopiGel or similar silicone dressing and try that.!prettyPhoto


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    My tailbone is much better since I stopped sleeping on my back. Did not realize how much pressure there was when sleeping on it. I was sleeping on my back for 3 hours a night but since I have been sleeping on my side the problem is pretty much cleared up.

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    Good information to pass along. Thank you!


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