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Thread: Weekend in Canada

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    Weekend in Canada

    We are going to London, Ontario next week and I am wondering if I should bring some Canadian currency. Years ago I was at Niagara Falls, and it did not make any difference in a border town. Not sure when I get away from tourist attractions.

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    Some merchants will take US currency, but they'll usually charge a very high premium. Better to get some CDN currency to take with you, and use your credit card. Be sure to check the foreign currency policy with your credit card company though. Many are now getting rid of the surcharges, which historically were in the 3% range. Also, check the roaming rate policy with your mobile phone company.

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    Pay for everything you can with a credit card. If you need cash, get it at an ATM, usually the best exchange rate. Make a big enough withdrawal from ATM so you only have to do it once to lessen fees.

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    No. London is far enough away from the border that seeing US cash is unusual. My sister lives on the outskirts of London! 2hrs away from me by car. Try to exchange your cash when you cross the border ... that'll be the best rate (if you're driving?)
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