Hi, I'm looking for a little clarification on my C1 Injury. On March 19, 2016, I woke up with an allergic reaction from a blood pressure medication prescribed by a Cardiologist. I called my primary Doc that morning and he recommended Benadryl for the itching. The making of a perfect storm. Later that night after bed, I woke up to go use the bathroom and passed out and landed square on my face, breaking my C1 in 3 places. I was diagnosed with a Stable Jefferson fracture, wearing the Somi brace for 3 month. This week, I had the final Cat Scan, brace removed and was told that the C1 healed on the left side but the two breaks on the right side did not heal, known as a non union fracture. The brace is off and I'm going to PT for the rest of the month to loosen up my neck stiffness. Once that is completed, I will have a Dynamic motion Xray to determine the range of existing damage, if any. The neurosurgeon stated that most likely, I will live the rest of my life with a broken non-union C1 and can resume normal activities as I progress. I'm grateful that the injury was stable and that my ligaments were not compromised. Any thoughts?