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Thread: Tethering & Syringomyelia & Research

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    Tethering & Syringomyelia & Research

    Hi. I was injured at C4-7 in 1984, rear-ended. I'm now 61 y/o. In 2001 I had a syrinx from C2-T12. Dr. Barth A. Green had come up with a better surgical procedure for syringomyelia and he did my last surgery in 2001. He had at that time also trained a Dr. at Craig in Denver and a Dr. at UCLA. Apparently I have the tethered cord and syringomyelia again. I have so far decided to go to Dr. Falci in Denver if I have to do this again but can't help wondering if any new research can be implanted(?) in me since I'll be opened up again. Does anyone know of anyplace in this country, this world, where they might fix this AND give me an extra boost of recovery from research to take me a little further? Thank you from 1 tired quad.

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    If anyone knows the research, it would be Dr. Green or Dr. Falci. I would ask them the questions that you are posing. They are some of the leading experts on this problem.

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    Dr. Falci is awesome! I had 2 surgeries done by him.

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