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Thread: My New QM-710 Power Chair Was Approved!!!!

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    Thumbs up My New QM-710 Power Chair Was Approved!!!!

    I'm so excited. Just found out this morning from my DME dealer that my primary insurance had approved for my new power chair. Now I just have to wait for Medicare to say "Yes". My primary insurance was my biggest worry about approving for my new power chair. It was the last big hurdle I had to jump over in this process, and I conquered it. Now I can sit back, and relax. I'm not too worried about Medicare at the moment. Plus I can't wait to see my new power chair when it comes.

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    Congrats Great News!
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    You're love it It's an awesome workhorse of a chair

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    My seating specialist told me it was a great power chair too. I'm all for a power chair that will last as long as my S-525 did. It lasted me for thirteen years. I'm super excited about the QM-710 though. My dad lives in an assisted living facility, and one of the ladies I come to know wants to get the same power chair because she says she's heard so many wonderful things about it.

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