Hello! I am fairly new around here. I looked for a post to answer this question, but I've not had any luck. I have a progressive neurological illness along with a plethora or other issues. I cannot walk, I am very weak and my fine and gross abilities are affected. I have limited hand use. I use a power chair or my manual Quickie with projection handrims as much as I can to maintain strength.

The reason I'm explaining is I'm curious what any of you of menstruating age use for your flow? I have been an avid cup user for over ten years, but each cycle I struggle more and more as over the past three years my muscles have been steadily deteriorating; it's getting more and more difficult to adapt each month.

Must I go back to the dreaded pad of my teens? I'd struggle with them too. (There's so many fine motor skills involved. My pinching ability is practically nil.) I like a green option, so I'm looking into reusable pads, but I'm worried about function there, most use snaps which I cannot work, and of course stench too. Must I hole myself up during the bloody event, making sure no doctor's appointments or meetings coincide? Does anyone have thoughts they can share?