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Thread: For Sale: Hyperbaric Chamber -- Vitaeris 320 with oxygen concentrator

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    Smile For Sale: Hyperbaric Chamber -- Vitaeris 320 with oxygen concentrator

    Used in the treatment of our daughter whom has autistic and neurological issues...completed 120 rounds of MHBOT...need to sell to explore stem cell therapy overseas..

    For sale is a Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber we used for mild hyperbaric chamber therapy for our daughter. It is in good condition and comfortably fits 2 people. It comes complete with a SeQual Integra oxygen concentrator, (7LPM).

    Vitaeris 320 package:
    • 4 psi portable mild hyperbaric chamber--44 oz urethane
    • Designed for improved airflow through chamber
    • Rigid frame maintains form when deflated
    • Tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators
    • Medical Pass-through--facilitates external device hookup
    • Clean air compressor-- oil-less
    • High efficiency in-line filtration system--filters to 0.01 microns
    • Bolster set--cradles and stabilizes chamber when inflated
    • Custom mattress--contoured to fit inside the chamber
    • Specifications--length: 93" diameter (inflated): 33"
    • Inflated circumference: 109"
    Include Sequal Oxygen Concentrator.

    Asking $13,500.. OBO
    For additional information. . .call 701/429/1295 or 701/298/6779

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    Is the chamber still available

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    Vitaeris 320 with oxygen concentrator for sale

    I have a Vitaeris 320 with oxygen concentrator for sale. My son is autistic and we used it with him and now we are moving onto other therapy alternatives.

    Asking Price $10,000
    Contact name and number: George (917) 407-0669

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    I was wondering if you still had the chamber for sale. What is the lowest price you will take for it.

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    I was wondering if we needed a prescription to purchase a chamber through a private sale. I have heard that you only need one if you buy from the manufacturer.

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    If anyone is still looking for a Hyperbaric Vitaeris 320, we are thinking of selling ours at our office. It is in excellent shape.

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    I am interested in buying the unit. How much?

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    Are any of these chambers still for sale? Thanks, Gary
    605-210-1351 cell phone.

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    We are selling our Vitaeris 320 & Airsep NewLife 10 Oxygen Concentrator.

    We are selling it to pursue other therapy options. This chamber is in wonderful condition!!

    It was lightly used for my 3 year old son – approximately 75 dives.

    We need to sell it fairly quickly, and are therefore willing to negotiate on price.

    If interested in additional information or photos, please contact me

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    I am interested in buying vitaeris 320

    If it is available, can you please send me an email. I am interested in buying it for my son.

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