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Thread: New ventilator user - questions

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    New ventilator user - questions

    In the recent past I have started using a ventilator for overnight and naps. It has been difficult for me to get a good night's sleep as I'm not yet adjusted to the constant noise of it. I also have tried to get the large lit up face of it to go to black, but can't seem to find the right "option" to set. It's like a large, bright nightlight that I must obstruct with a pillow.
    On the good side, it's keeping my overnight oxygen levels in the 90's as measured by a pulse/oximeter, instead of in the 80's without ventilation.

    It's a Respironics ventilator, and I'm wondering do all ventilators have this constant sound (noise), in addition to frequent pulsing sensation?
    Also, any suggestions for making the screen go black at sleep time?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    All ventilators make some noise (everyone I've used has anyway) and you will get used to the sound eventually, I need oxygen through the night and you should hear how much noise the concentrator makes! Try downloading the user manual for backlight setting, they should be adjustable but I've never altered it as I'm fully vent dependent and if an alarm goes off want my support workers to be able to see the screen and identify the fault quickly, if vent has a problem on my exhalation breath I won't have long as it takes about 30 seconds before alarm sounds. Once again you do get used to it but I do miss a dark, quiet room.

    Have you had a TOSCA done? Your oxygen levels might be ok but you need to check CO2level overnight as well.

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    Thanks very much! I didn't get a user manual probably as it's provided and monitored by DME company, so that's helpful about getting the manual online.
    Interesting about TOSCA. Currently check CO2 levels overnight and in morning.
    In daytime when in my wheelchair, I use oxygen concentrator or small oxygen tank strapped to the down tubing of my wheelchair.

    (I meant Oxygen levels checked overnight, not CO2, sorry for confusion).
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    mrb: Do you know if the TOSCA requires overnight at sleep study place? Yes, I have been concerned about CO2 level. I will ask my pulmonologist if he can advise me. I have had the wrist puncture test for CO2 at least 3 times, and it remains one of the most painful procedures I have had.

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    I use a Respironics Trilogy. To set the screen go to: Options -> Screensaver. I set mine to black. Unfortunately it doesn't go black immediately but takes a few minutes. Also, anytime an alarm goes off it lights up again. I just cover my face with a blanket.

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    The pulsing relates to the Trilogy's therapy settings and can be fixed. PM me your settings if you want a suggestion, and also if you can't find light setting in options menu and/or need to enable full access.

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    Thanks for suggestions! One thing I did last night when it wouldn't stop pulsing, was turn it off, then on again. Naughty ventilator then fine.

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