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Thread: If money was no object what dream wheelchair would you go for?

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    Question If money was no object what dream wheelchair would you go for?

    Either: Manual or Electric?

    Also, how would you spec it? i.e: frame colour/finish, wheels, etc?

    And if choosing a manual chair, what (if any) power attachment would you add?

    NB: And no I'm not offering to pay for it!

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    OK i'll bite, I would buy a full copy of the BM-3 version of a home made Brit chair, with a rehab seat that would manually tilt back just a bit, with use-able adjustable head rest. Otherwise than that a relatively powerful rear wheel power chair, with the same seating as I described, and 14" dia., wide drive tires (min 4") air filled tubeless tires on the rear drive wheels and tubed air filled on the front as well. All with the smallest foot print possible 24" wide max.

    I cannot manually power a chair, manual chairs are out. Both shoulders are totally destroyed, reconstruction and rehab may well extend beyond my current life span. I do hope to enjoy the time I am going to be allotted, out of a Nursing Facility. And on the Road Again.

    There are a few, but even those would need to be tinkered a bit to meet my specs.

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    Power....The new Ibot:
    Manual...I am happy with mine and my modified smartdrive.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Power. Don't need power, but I'd add one of those modded Segway style chairs to my stable. That, or the carbon fiber Panthera. A friend of mine has one and it is incredible!
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    Power: I want the Ogo that's being developed in New Zealand.
    Manual: I'd love to have a Carbon Black carbon fiber chair!

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    I'd have to go with a Blumil converted Segway in the power department. The Ibot platform with the stair climb function is kind of limited with types of stairs it can keeping it simple indicates a converted Segway as ideal. Manual chair...The TR I have is pretty much as good a chair as I can figure having. Not much to it, cant think of anything being 'better'.

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    Although I would have to get a Bigger Van
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    An inflatable wheelchair, that comes with a portable inflator, (rigidity similar to a basketball).

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