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    Standby Generator Tip

    My neighborhood is prone to power outages so I recently had a house standby generator installed. It works great however the switching of power is not instantaneous. It is fast enough for the majority of appliances, things will flicker, but continue on. There are exceptions and this one is critical; my Hill-Rom Synergy Air Elite Low Airloss mattress shuts down and then has to be manually turned on. Super annoying especially when no one else is home (they should offer a remote for these things). The solution is as simple as plugging the mattress into a Universal Power Supply. With it the transfer of power is smooth and not even noticed.

    New, a common computer or network based Universal Power Supply is expensive. Fortunately, they can be found used for free or for a minimal cost. I've never seen a UPS itself wear out or fail, but the batteries do expire requiring replacement. A replacement battery cost me $20.00. A single battery UPS should be sufficient. I have been using one for years to operate my hospital bed during the outages.

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    get some of the correct oil and a funnel and learn the correct procedure for shutting down during an extended outage to check oil level.

    have the person(s) who will do it demonstrate proficiency

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    At one time there was a LAL mattress company that provided a battery back-up in their mattress motor (4 hours). We used them extensively, but sadly they went out of business. We have been unable to get the VA to purchase computer type back-up power systems for our Veterans for uses like you mention above. We have also looked in vain for a LAL mattress with a wireless remote control. Can't find one, but have mentioned this to a number of different company vendors as something that they need to consider for the market they serve.


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