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Thread: Indwelling catheter question

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    Indwelling catheter question

    Good evening everyone.

    I have some questions about using indwelling catheters. Your reply is appreciated.

    I am 16 years post SCI, t4 complete. I've been using condom catheters since the beginning. I get AD and sweating in my lower body when I urinate, and if I am laying down the AD is usually worse and I would have to sit up during urination. I still get mild AD when I have to urinate when sitting in my chair. To lessen the AD and sweating, I would have to lift myself as high as I can off my chair as if doing pressure relief, this usually help with the urine flow better too.

    In the past month, my frequency of having to urinate is increasing. My liquid intake has not change. Does this mean my bladder is unable to hold urine as much or is it some other problem? With the increased frequency, I am having to go through more AD and its getting quite annoying. When I am strolling in public and having to pee, I'm constantly having to stop to lift myself up thus causing attention.

    I am thinking of using indwelling catheters or at least during sleep. Will this help with the AD or no? If I start using indwelling catheter for a period of time, will this effect or null my ability to pee on my own while using a condom catheter?

    Thank you.
    May 2000, T4-5 Complete.


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    Condom catheters were the state of the art when I was injured 34 years ago. It was far superior then to have a "spontaneous" bladder than to have to manage your bladder with intermittent catheterization. Today, the best practice is to manage the bladder with intermittent catheterization every 4-6 hours.

    For probably the first 10 years post my injury, I used condom catheters, but had to move on to clean intermittent catheterization (CIC) to manage my bladder due to urine retention and the kind of autonomia that you describe. In fact, I think much of my shoulder injury problem today, stems from those prolonged periods of lifting myself so that urine would flow better.

    You may need to talk to your urologist about having urodynamics testing to determine how efficiently your bladder is emptying.

    All the best,

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    Urodynamics (uds) with video should be able to tell you all? You need to have Urodynamics to see what your bladder resting and voiding pressures are and they can watch the flow out. High pressures can cause back up in to the kidneys and kidney damage. You may have an enlarged prostate or sphincter or other issues that now make voiding difficult. Meds? Tamsulosin helps prostate and also relaxes muscles somewhat . UDS will tell all this. If BPH - large prostate , might need Finasteride also. Sometimes scar tissue forms. CWO

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