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Thread: A New VR-Ready GPU for $200-$600

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    A New VR-Ready GPU for $200-$600

    AMD has just announced a new VR-ready GPU that will sell for $200. According to a Computex 2016 announcement, the AMD GPU - Radeon RX 480 - will be available on Jun 29, 2016. Earlier NVIDIA also announced a couple of new VR-ready GPUs - the 1070 and 1080 models - that sell for $380 and $600 respectively.

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    Nvidia cards all the way for me. I might pick up a 1070 next year. I have a 980 right now and I don't think it will really struggle for some time.
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    AMD are cooler and more reliable than WinVidia. Both require reverse engineered drivers. With general purpose x86 CPU you do SSE or AVX builds with Gcc so all you really need is a dumb frame buffer. POWER has altivec, SPARCv9 has vis, ARM has neon or mpe, etc. This speeds up everything else too. I don't like dismay cards which is any graphics card with a heat sink on it.

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