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Thread: Off-Road Powerchair Permobil Trax(850)

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    Off-Road Powerchair Permobil Trax(850)

    Fully Loaded All terrain Chair
    Awesome condition - Rarely used
    **New models sell for nearly $50,000**
    Powerful offroad-wheelchair, it doesn't just look sturdy, it's built for people who demand high performance.
    Do you need a strong wheelchair for use in the city or in the wild? Will take you through muddy fields, woodland trails or keep up with your friends for a bike ride.
    If you need a wheelchair that can cope and that you can rely on; the Permobil is the right choice.
    With rear-wheel drive, a powerful motor and robust suspension this is a wheelchair which you can safely drive at 9m/hr.
    Awesome chair for Wounded Warriors, Hunters, Outdoorsman
    This chair is a beast!

    Suspension all around.
    Folding arm rests.
    With the seat lift, the seat can be raised 8"
    The suspension can be adjusted to the user's weight
    Individual suspension on the front wheels
    Adjustable wheelbase The seat is made of modules which can easily be replaced to change the seat depth and width and the back rest height
    Ergonomic seat design with built-in, adjustable supports for the curve of the back and trunk.
    Climbs 6" obstacles.
    180deg. chair rotation for transfers.
    Servo-steering with a joystick.
    9-mph maximum speed
    Reclining seat
    side lateral trunk supports
    removeable thigh supports
    padded lap belt
    chest strap
    Halogen headlights
    rear view mirrors
    Removeable storage trunk

    $7,000 OBO
    Located 1hr N of Philadelphia
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