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Thread: Question for QM-710 owners.

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    Smile Question for QM-710 owners.

    I'm getting close to getting my new QM-710 power chair, and I'm excited. Was very upset at both my doctor, and the PT who both made errors on their documentation on me that was submitted to the dealer. If the dealer's special Medicare team hadn't caught that when they were doing the review on my paperwork, and my insurance denied paying for the power chair. My dreams of owning my new power chair would go down the drain.

    Anyway things are back on track now, and I'm predicting my new power chair will come sometime in July, or maybe next month if everything goes pretty quick. My question to all of the current owners of the QM-710 power chairs is, is there anything I should be aware of in terms of problems with the power chair? Anything I should avoid? I will be using it in my house as well as out in my community. It looks so fragil from the pictures with how small the four wheels are around the two middle drive wheels. I won't be traveling with it on an airplane as I know what could potentially happen to it.

    It's going to have the same frame color, same seating system, same footrest, and headrest as in the picture. Plus a few more add-ons. But, minus the power seating.
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    My only issue other with custom parts is the back bar coming loose

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    Thanks. I'll be aware of that. I've heard that the smaller wheels can freeze up if they come in contact with water, so I'll be sure to be aware of that too. It's interesting that this power chair, and the Pulse 6 are the only two mid-wheel drive power chairs that Sunrise Medical is offering. I do love Quickie power chairs as from the experience I've had with my S-525, for the last 13 years. It's been a very dependable power chair with few problems. I've had to replace the wheels at least four times. But, about every four years. The motors had been replaced at least five times. The joystick controller at least three times. Batteries were replaced every 2-3 years.

    One of my biggest fears is that the kids at the day care center where I work are going to find the back wheels tempting to climb up on. But, I work with a great group of people who tend to watch out for me.

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