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Thread: Feasible surgery?

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    Feasible surgery?

    Given the quad belly isn't really fat but elastic blown out muscle, can a "tummy tuck" be or ever been done?
    Or dangerous?
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    You are right, generally speaking the quad belly is a result of gravity. You have to keep all the organs from shifting down. New quads can prevent it by wearing a supportive abdominal binder every day. I originally started wearing one to prevent lower back pain and used the ones with the added back support. I looked great, gut free, four over twenty years and then my insurance coverage changed and I could no longer afford a new binder every month. It was not until I stopped wearing a binder completely that my quad belly fully bloomed. This was seven years ago following colostomy surgery. Without it my posture is ruined, serious curvature of the spine. I try not to think about the pain.

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    I think the tummy tuck is a removal of fat and removal of loose skin and does nothing for the muscle which is probably the cause main cause of the quad belly. Recommend the abdominal binder or similar support.

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