Since I made my earlier post we had a nightmare on one hotel check in. We phoned what we thought was hotel direct number but actually their central reservations, requested bed raisers etc. Got to hotel after 4 hour journey to find no bed raisers! I suggested another hotel in sister group but their bed raisers hadn't been tested on this hotels bed. After hours trying to solve it they raised the bed on reams of copier paper! At least we could then get the hoist under it. Next day they wanted us out which we refused as no suitable rooms within a reasonable travelling distance and eventually they hired a profiling hospital bed and air mattress which was at their expense. We managed to get details of the company and now use them whenever I work away, in the UK we have a government dept which helps with the additional cost disability has for work, I apply to them, book bed (min rental 10 days) and claim the total cost of the bed which they reimburse. Considering the problems of the stupidly low bed height where it is impossible and unsafe for my support workers renting is so much better for everyone. I'm off in a few weeks to the Scottish Highlands and expected a huge delivery/collection charge but even that is reasonable.