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Thread: Better Transfer Board

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    Better Transfer Board

    Hello See attachment with custom transfer board and the older way with the 13" gap

    Keep your loved ones safer as they move to and from the wheelchair to the car.

    Avoid the possibility of having them fall in the 13? Gap shown below when using a standard transfer board on the right.
    The safer transfer board is self supporting from the car and is removeable. After my wife embarasingly slid off the standard board twice, I designed and made the safer tarnsfer board (patent pending).
    Get your plans to build your own board to custom fit your car. This could save the cost of buying a expensive wheelcair Van. The plans show exactly how to measure your car and how to cut each part for a good fit. If you have a Volt 2013 to 2015 you do not need to take measurements you can use the example measurements shown on the drawings.
    Email if interested in having the plans. Or possibly having one custom made for you. I am looking for interest at this point.
    Also have a leg stretcher, which has helped my MS wife with her cramped legs.
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    Hello. TKs for the input on the images.
    Restrictions? Not sure where this is discussed. I see lots of for sale things in the other equipment section. ??????
    Tim S

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    Was there some snacking between the two pictures? Lot less trash on the floor on the first picture than the second

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    Yes I guess i should redo those pics.

    I am aspiring MFG and so could be in a grey area at this point. As the only person that has benifited from my designs is my Wife with MS.

    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    Was there some snacking between the two pictures? Lot less trash on the floor on the first picture than the second

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