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    Bladder infection

    I am a t6-t7 paraplegic, doesnt hav sensations and movement frm the waist. Yesterday nite i was affected by urinary tract infection. My sister s nurse aswellas my caretaker. She called for doctor, doctor asked to take urine culture report. In the meanwhile doctor asked to put 250mg amikacin sulphate. The lab technician says that v wud get the report only on wednesday. Today my stomach was little bit inflated, my sister chked me and said it s gas trouble. So she prescribed robo 20mg. The problem s the doctor went for some devotional trip. He wl availonly on wednesday. Also the fever was reduced, but once in 7 hrs am getting chilness, and at that time if i take one paracetamol 650mg, and it bcomes normal. The report wil come only after 3 days, now can i take robo20mg (rabeprazole sodium) while taking amikacin. Or my sister saying me to take 750 mg of amikacing ( now taking 500 mg of amikacin in two doses). Or shud i wait till the report. Nowomiting, no nausea.. waiting for ur reply.

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    Rabeprazole sodium is a proton inhibitor and used for treatment of heartburn, and prevention and treatment of gastric ulcers. It does little or anything for gas in your stomach or bowel. A simethicone containing drug or antacid such as Mylanta (with antigas properties) would be better.

    Amikacin sulphate is a powerful aminoglycocide antibiotic that is give by IM or IV injection. It is not an oral drug. Are you saying your physician prescribed this for your sister to give you by injection? I would caution you about increasing the dose without consulting with your physician. It can have serious side effects if your blood level is too high. 250 mg. is the recommended adult dose if given IM.

    Once your urine C&S results come back, consult with your physician. You should be changed to a less powerful antibiotic if there is one that indicates it is correct for the specific infection you are treating, unless only an aminoglycocide will work.


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    Your smirks in dose is weight based so you should take what he ordered. Cwo

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