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Thread: kidney stone and allopurinol

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    kidney stone and allopurinol

    anyone tried allopurinol to prevent kidney stones? i have another giant kidney stone, jut had it removed in 2013 and its back. 2 inches long by 1 inch wide at one spot. i need a way to prevent these, i can see getting a stone but this size every 3 years. any other drugs that prevent kidney stones ?

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    They should be able to analyze your stone and give you some dietary guidance. Avoiding certain food that are high in the stone's minerals may help.
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    I had a history of stones prior to SCI and 3 hospitalizations for stones in my first year post injury. It's purely anecdotal, but I began taking tart cherry extract at the suggestion of a former colleague after the last round of stones were removed and I am now almost two years stone free.

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    Is this a uric acid stone (fairly rare in SCI)? Stones should always be analyzed for content when removed or passed. Stones in SCI are much more like to be struvite stones or calcium oxalate stones. Allopurinol is primarily a medication used for gout, and some people with gout are subject to uric acid stones, which it can be helpful for. It won't do anything to help prevent the other types, nor cystine stones.


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