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Thread: Freedom Ryder FRH 1A

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    That was not an issue for me but hand cycling was all I was doing when I started out I was not working out at all untill I started training for AXA World ride 95 and then I would cycle one day and then hit the gym the next day but never did both in one day. By the time I was training for the ride I was already at a point where I could cycle some good distances. Why not try rotating days. Hand cycle one day and the gym the next. Maybe even hand cycle in the morning and then again in the afternoon if you like. You probably know more about working out than I do, I am just wondering if you are demanding too much of your body in one day. I feel sure someone on here will know what you need to do or do and eat to get past the stamina issue.

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    Just remember that you only have two shoulders and they have to last a lifetime. Pushing a chair and all the eye-level reaching and twisting that goes along with living from a chair puts a tremendous amount of strain on shoulders, and, in particular, rotator cuffs. Never push through pain on your trike. Go easy to start with and rest the shoulders completely before riding again.

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    I am conscious of my shoulders and upper body all the time. I am not in a chair full time. I use one as needed. Which may be why for me they use of my arms not having the stamina might be an issue. Don't get me wrong, I use my arms for a lot of things, with my crutches, pulling myself up steps, using them to help people the elliptical, etc. I make sure I have good form for exercise and realize that I will be in a chair full time, eventually, and want to make sure I keep up my strength for transfers and being independent for as long as I can. I guess it's just frustrating, but hopefully I can build on it.

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    I have the same bike still, bought originally in about 2003-4. I could only go out 1 mile-rest, then come back home the first ride. I rode every day there after and by the end of the week was around 10 miles round trip. After 13 days I rode my first bike 'race' at ~24miles and finished ahead of most of those involved. It was a family type ride with about 120 riders total. Most pulled over during the 1 hr downpour, where I got ahead . Finished it in about 2:45 or so. That was my first two weeks of exercise in about 7-8 years total of being injured at the time, so I was starting from ZERO. By the end of the month I was regularly riding 25-35 miles per day. I improved my shoulders from hurting all the time, to little pain by the exercise. Kept up riding until about 2011 or so when I quit because of tumor related seizures. I was a vegan the entire time up til about 2009 when I started eating out(stupidly) a few times a week. I have been seizure free for about 8-9 months now(vegan again) and have my truck fixed up so I can haul my bike to a safe place to ride as soon as I fix IT back up. I have a bunch of shoulder problems related to rotator cuff tears and broken humerus a few years back. I am absolutely COUNTING on the handcycle exercise to get shoulder use back and pain down, health back up to excellent, as it did before, I KNOW from my own experience. You just have to push yourself and not give up. I had to make adjustments to my seating back angle numerous times until I found what worked for a time. I would have to experiment with it later as I changed the terrain styles I rode on. Kept track of the rides with a simple bike computer, writing it down after each ride on paper. With small notes about each ride, how I felt, took a small camera along on each ride, etc. After a few years I got a Garmin Edge 205 to use and loved it. I would ride different routes here in east TN covering different counties. The last few years I was doing 35-50 miles and would do the 50 mile rides 2-4 days in a row oftentimes. It will be a little harder now because I live where there are no bike paths and people just plain can not drive. I may have to go to the interstate 40 and ride out and back to be safe. I haven't got to repair the xlt from sitting in the rain a few years yet so I haven't put much thought into it. I had to make my own back pad for it and use a roho for seating. You should experiment with seating solutions also, sounds like. I do not play the doctor/meds game, I'm a nature boy(I use God's methods and prayer), I will address some of your issues later. For now though, use ginger root tea daily(it is literally ALL I drink) to get rid of/prevent inflammation AND help with pain. I couldn't move without it, period. Will help with your knee that I read about elsewhere. Just got back on here today, but I will try to answer any questions you have. Good luck and keep at it! John
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