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Thread: Hydromorphone

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    IS there a better narcotic than this as it does not do much for me?

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    If you've been taking the short-acting Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) for a while, you may have become tolerant to the medication effects. A few years ago, Exalgo, a once a day, long acting Hydromorphone came to market. As the commercials say: "ask your doctor if this is right for you". Hope you find something to give you relief.
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    I have to keep asking like a poor old dog. Keep getting kicked around. Do like my current GP he seems to actually want to help. The rest gave up on me and I them. Is methadone a option or would you just be in a fog?
    Couldn't or shouldn't of even drove a car last weekend. Falling asleep while driving not cool. Seem to have some good but mostly bad days.

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    Morphine Sulfate

    Have you tried morphine sulfate?

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    yes and no big help.

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    methadone can really fuck up your body, i get hot flashes and cant wear anything besides silk eight t shirts, and shorts and still seat out . It does work well on the pain, as does ultram, methadone has a very long half life , dont even think about any alcohol is using methadone. i wish i could find a replacement due to the hot flashes and destroying my life, but it does help with pain
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    could you function. it would be nice for a holiday but I am scared of it. they will never give it to me in this sh t h le. the doctors are dictators not doctors.
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    can methadone be used once per week or is it addicting.
    the dr's have been trying me on some new drugs and the some of them wiped me out so bad i couldn't drive a car safley.
    i seem to be getting scared of all these medications and just don't want to go in blind anymore.
    have many on here tried this treatment.

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    I hate this shit I feel like crap

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    Hydromorphone is estimated 7 time stronger than morphine. From what I have read and my pain Dr. told me. I am finally getting some decent pain relief after 20 years T-10 SCI. Switched from Morphine administered via pain pump under my skin. It's delivered in small doses micrograms direct to my spine. So it's potency even though small doses is very effective. Your body doesn't have to metabilize it , goes direct to the source. Good luck with your pain, it's a horrible Chronic pain 23 plus years here.

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