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Thread: Fractured my left leg, yet again. Do wheelchair seatbelts actually help?

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    Fractured my left leg, yet again. Do wheelchair seatbelts actually help?

    Third time I've fractured my left leg: once 17 or 18 years ago (mid femur fracture from twisting awkwardly), once 4 years ago (distal femur fracture from a friend falling on me), and then yesterday, a proximal tibia fracture, from falling out of my chair after hitting an uneven path in the sidewalk. To say this is a frustrating inconvenience would be a bit of an understatement. Stuck in a fiberglass splint for now until I can actually see an ortho next week.

    Something I'm curious about though: is it better to not have a seatbelt and fall out of your chair but (usually) be able to catch yourself, or, to have a seatbelt and go down with your chair (this might also be less likely)? I've always assumed the former, but after this incident, I'm starting to wonder about that. Falling with the chair at least means you have some sort of rigidity to form?

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    Seat belts

    Late to this thread, but yes, evidence favors staying with the chair. Judging by crash test dummy testing and retrospective data, you're less likely to suffer serious injury.

    Hope your fracture has fully healed.

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