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Thread: One click shutdown - windows 10

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    One click shutdown - windows 10

    Annoyed at having to go through three clicks to shutdown Windows 10? Make your own one click button. Here is mine:

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    There are a few ways to do it. I used #2 on this page:

    The default desktop icon that is created looks like a book or something. Click "change the icon" and it will bring up the W10 basket of alternative icons. The red button I use is there. When you have the icon changed pin it to your taskbar. That works on one click. You can delete the desktop icon if you wish.
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    Nice! Thank you.

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    Substitute /r for "/s", and you get 1-click restart.
    Substitute /l for "/s /t 0", and you get 1-click logoff.
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    Cool. Thanks
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