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Thread: Anyone have a Tracfab chair?

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    Anyone have a Tracfab chair?

    I have been thinking of getting a chair I can actually go in the yard with and not worry about getting stuck or falling over. Anyone have one and what has your experience been?

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    Hello there! We would love to help you. We can start a dialogue to answer any questions you might have. If you have time, feel free to check out our social media channels. I am by no means trying to SPAM this board...we are just really excited about helping people. Thanks for considering our products :-)

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    Thanks for your response. I have been on your site and like the design. Why is the 30 inch chair 2k more? Also what type of motors are you using and what speed and torque can you get with those tracks?
    As far as that goes what is the lifespan of the tracks and do you sell replacement parts or do we have to bring the chair back to get serviced?
    Finally are the chairs custom fit to body size or are they all the same.

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    Hello again !

    The 30" is more labor intensive to squeeze everything into a smaller package. Remember we build everything by hand like a fine Swiss watch :-) The 30" is our all access model that will go through doorways and into most accessible vans and other vehicles.
    The motors are made specifically for us, manufactured in the USA. They are 24 volt, 4 pole with a 24:1 high torque grease filled gearbox. The units speed is about 3-4 mph but amazingly high torque. We don't provide a spec on torque but people use these for hunting and easily pull a whitetail deer out of the woods with no problems. The track lifespan is amazing. They hold up very well and are covered in the 1 year "bumper to bumper" warranty. I assure you they will last you way longer than one year though.

    We do sell replacement parts, but only to verified TracFab customers (or as we call them, part of our TracFab family). We have service centers scattered around the nation as well. Since you are in Ohio, you would deal directly with us at the factory for any service needs in the future. If you were on the west coast, we would hook you up with the closest TracFab authorized service center near you.

    Finally, we do have cookie cutter-standard frames that we build exactly the same. These frames have adjustable armrest angle, armrest height, foot plate height, removable foot plates, removable wheelie bars (never operate without either of these installed), adjustable seating suspension, and so on. We also do completely custom build around the individual's measurements/weight when requested and is budget permitting.

    I hope this has answered your questions and feel free to reply again or give us a call to chat about your specific needs.

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    yes that did answer some of my questions thanks you. I would like to see one in person. I might take a trip to your facility this summer. Still would like to hear from people that actually have one. Unbiased and all.

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