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Thread: Supra pubic discretion

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    Supra pubic discretion

    I'm constantly struggling with hiding my leg bag while wearing shorts. Either I hike up the bag and the catheter gets kinked, or pull it out and my shorts ride up. Also the leg bags I get come with those elastic bands that I cannot do myself, any suggestions?

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    What type of shorts are you wearing? If they are longish (like board shorts) rather than like regular swim trunk type, then a Sports bag type of leg bag such as those made by Coloplast (formerly Alpine) or Urocare would work best. These are worn across the top of the thigh instead of lengthwise on the calf. You can also get or make Velcro type straps, which are easier to use, and safer for your skin, than the latex flat strips with the "buttons" to hold them in place.


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