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Thread: Boarding Enchantment of the Sea's (Royal Caribbean) initial arrival

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    Boarding Enchantment of the Sea's (Royal Caribbean) initial arrival

    It has been many years since I went on my first cruise. I use a motorized wheelchair that I drive with my left hand. Sometimes, if a ramp is very steep I have a little trouble maneuvering. I was wanting some input on boarding the ship. In advance, thank you.

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    What port are you leaving from? There is a big different between different ports, and even different berths at the same port in their boarding facilities. Most USA port now days have you go up an elevator to a boarding level where you only have to go up a fairly gentle ramp to the ship's entrance, but I have seen it be up to 15 degrees. You need to be directive with them. They will try to "help" you by manually pushing your power chair. Be sure they don't do this unless you show them how to take it out of gear and put it into manual mode. One time a crew member grabbed my mother by the upper arm trying to control the chair...she ended up with bruises and a sore shoulder for several weeks. Tell them very clearly "Do not touch me or my chair" so you stay in control.

    Getting on and off at various ports is going to also vary. We always took a manual chair for use in ports, as a power chair will be much harder to get up and down the gangways, and in the ports, there are lots of times when there are no curb cuts or a step or two (or more) that needed to be bumped up with help to get into shops, etc. Not as much a problem in USA or Canadian ports as those in the Med. or Caribbean or South Amercia, so it depends upon where you go. Of course most ships now days do NOT allow you onto tenders at all in a power chair, or even in a manual chair, unless you can walk on/off the tender, so be sure you have plans to stay aboard in those ports.

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    The ship will be leaving from Miami.

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    I was on it a few years back and Miami was fine some of the ports are a bit rougher, steeper ramps but the crew is very happy to help out. I was also in a power chair don't be afraid to ask for some help to steady, guide or help you up a ramp.

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