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Thread: priceless UTI supplement

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    priceless UTI supplement

    I have a C5 spinal cord injury. Therefore, unfortunately I am stuck with a indwelling catheter at the moment. I broke my neck in a motorcycle accident seven years ago. I have been plagued with UTIs since. I have tried every supplement I can possibly think of. With a little to no results. Until now. I have recently discovered something called "silver shield". This is a priceless remedy to all infections! Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and all pathogens. Anyone suffering from chronic UTIs needs to read the article listed on the website below.. I assure you it will change your life as it did mine and is still currently doing ;-)

    ? Keith
    Project Walk of Los Angeles Amb.

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    We have had many discussions here in the past about colloidal silver. Please be careful using this. It is not without side effects, and over dosage can be dangerous to your health.


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    I got you. Thank you. I have had UTIs since my accident. It's just an overwhelming feeling of relief to be without them. Right now. I will definitely keep all the caution in mind. As far as the bad outweigh the good... I think I have made up my mind. I would rather feel good for a short time, rather than miserable for a long time. Thank you for your consideration. I will definitely go on the light side of administering this product. UTIs suck...

    – Keith
    Project Walk of Los Angeles

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    Did you read the response by the SCI-Nurse to your previous post about your "UTIs"??

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    UTI sufferer w/spinal cord injury... I think I got it ;-)

    Although I know, there is much controversy about "Collodial Silver". I have read many upon many of studies. With this one. Sticking to me the most and I have made up my mind. I am going with the "Silver".
    Unless, someone can point me to real evidence of there being something wrong with taking the product "Silver Shield". I am going to take it as directed on the bottle indefinitely.
    Tired of this UTI garbage. When I take this product as directed, I feel great!
    UTIs. No more baby ;-)...

    ? Keith
    Project Walk of Los Angeles Amb.

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