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Thread: firefly rio mobility

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    What kind of range do you get with these add/ons and how much do they weigh?

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    they said they are working on a clamp on

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    Hello, I want to purchase the new version of the Firefly and was wondering if anyone could help with setup questions before making such a purchase. I own a Tilite Aero X Series 2 (18x18 w/25" rear wheels and 5" casters). I checked their website for compatibility and was instructed to contact them. So, when I called, customer support was very nice. I was told that it should work but with no certainty (from how understood the response). They had to look for notes regarding my model and nothing definitive was documented. I watched the install video and cannot install the attachment brackets as high as described in the video. The only logical area is on the vertical tube between the swing away locking latch and the caster assembly on the main frame (note: not attached on the swing aways). My swing ways are tapered by 1" on each side, so that should help. Customer service that might work but again with no certainty. If anyone has some experience with the new version or has some input, your advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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